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History of C.R.D.

Computer Room Design Corporation was created on February 13, 1984 in the City of Lakewood, the State of Ohio, and the County of Cuyahoga. The first President/CEO was Tracy H. Brown. Mr. Brown had several career positions, which led him to form this company. Starting out in sales, Brown was introduced to the access flooring industry by a competitor. With an expanded interest in everything that makes up a computer room, Brown set out to put his newfound interest to use.

Eventually in 1991, Mr. Brown hired an independent contractor, Mr. James C. Butler, and the sales department split into two with Mr. Brown retaining the raised access flooring sales and Mr. Butler selling the other components-like uninterruptible power supplies-that would make a computer room fully functional.

On August 23, 1999, the Ohio Secretary of State certified Computer Room Design Corporation, also known as C.R.D. CORPORATION.

C.R.D is now a leader in data center design and construction. C.R.D. has successfully completed hundreds of turnkey projects in over 40 states, maintaining strong relationships with established contractors in most areas of the country. We have sold products in all 50 states and over 20 foreign countries so far.

Our consulting practice includes Data Center tier classification, determination of Data Center levels of criticality, as well as power anomaly troubleshooting.

C.R.D. continually stays abreast of new equipment technologies and innovations. We regularly attend training and sales presentations sponsored by the OEMs we represent. Additionally, C.R.D. has gone green, adding pre-owned access flooring and refurbished equipment.

In May 2010 C.R.D. became a woman-owned business with Mrs. Nancy P. Brown as the new President/CEO. Mrs. Brown served 37 years with several different government agencies. Since completing her MBA in 2005, she has had the desire to hold an executive position in an innovative company. She believes in promoting diversity in the workplace, both nationally and globally. Mr. Brown remains, as Vice President/CFO of C.R.D.

Our mission is to set standards of excellence for providing state-of-the-art Environmental and Power Products for Computer Rooms/Data Centers. We at C.R.D. Corporation are committed to anticipating and exceeding our customer’s needs and expectations. More than anything else, we value our relationships.