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Flexible design and versatility has been made possible in modern command/control workstations. These are available for a variety of work applications and environments, including:

  • 9-1-1 Dispatch Centers
  • Emergency Operations
  • Incident Command
  • Medical Imaging Reading Rooms
  • Network Operations
  • Process Control
  • Security
  • Traffic Management
  • Trading Floors
  • Other mission-critical command and control environments

Listed above are just a few work applications and environments we work with so whether you’re a 911 dispatch center or work in traffic management, we can help. As a top woman-owned small business, CRD is dedicated to providing you with affordable, high-quality data center design solutions, ranging from water leak detection systems to computer room air conditioning. Call us today at 216-221-7171 to learn how CRD Corporation can help improve your data center design with our technical furniture options. We can discuss your technical furniture requirements and determine what type of furniture is best for your work environment.