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Aside from providing data center design, raised access flooring, water leak detection system services, and data center equipment, we also offer computer room air conditioning (CRAC) services. Our goal is to provide you with true control of temperature, humidity, and airflow, specifically designed for rooms with computers and other electronic equipment. We understand the importance of keeping your room temperature under control with a reliable CRAC service.

The newest solutions in computer room air conditioning are designed for flexibility in installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance. As uninterruptible power supply systems keep your data center online, good air conditioning negates the heat produced from your equipment. Many computer room air conditioning designs now employ adjustable cooling capacity that allows users to match the heat load. A wide range of configurations, including self-contained or split systems; air, water, glycol, GLYCOOL and chilled water cooling are available.



Precision cooling systems from CRD can provide precise and reliable control of room temperature, humidity, and air flow for proper operation of computer and electronic equipment in computer room design. Perimeter cooling units offer high energy efficiency and easy to use controls and provide easy access for service. The modular design of in-row cooling units allows close-coupling of IT loads with air conditioning units, which provides increased predictability and agility.

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