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From CRAC to leak detection, CRD Corp offers everything your data center needs to run smoothly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch uninterruptible power supply systems and UPS batteries to keep your data center always up and running efficiently. CRD Corp understands the importance of a reliable data center, which is why we provide services to help protect it.

A good data center design must include reliable protection that will keep your system online and functioning efficiently. High density power protection from 500 VA to megawatt UPS systems are designed to protect today’s high powered servers and high density computing environments. CRD can provide the perfect level of protection for your PC, network or server application; all the way up to the data center access flooring, leak detection, and facility UPS solutions. Many of the newest single phase UPS systems provide a scalable, modular, and robust solution without generating the additional heat associated with legacy UPS products. We can design a customized UPS power protection solution.

For high-end critical power applications, three-phase UPS systems offer the right combination of performance and price for your needs. We can work around any data center design. Modular, scalable, ultra-high efficiency power protection can be configured for small, medium and large data centers and mission critical environments. CRD represents the major manufacturers of computer power backup equipment. These best-in-class products are coupled with our application-specific expertise to provide maximum profitability, reliability and uptime.

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