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Computer Room Design provides custom engineered solutions to power and communication line anomalies. These transient voltage surge suppression products work in AC, data-line, phone line and RF coaxial applications. Many of these TVSS solutions incorporate dual-stage protection against fast, high-energy transients and lightning strikes. CRD will maximize transient control in your data center with a quality TVSS from our OEM manufacturers.

CRD Corporation offers a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the computer room design industry. As a top woman-owned small business, we are dedicated to providing you with the customer service, time, and products you deserve to ensure your data center is up-to-date and functioning properly and safely. Whether you’re looking to install water detection systems, server room air conditioning, or would like to update your current network room design, we do it all. We are dedicated to providing you with the services you need designed to fit your budget. Don’t hesitate to call us today at 216-221-7171 and see what we can do for you.