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CRD Methodology Synopsis:

 1. Determination of requirements. You know what your business does and how it is growing. We can help you with an established methodology that accurately calculates your critical power, cooling requirements, disaster planning and physical space requirements. We gather this information via telephone conversations, e-mail, or in many cases, a site visit to your location. Computer Room Design engages our customers in a collaborative relationship. Your input is essential and our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Understanding the physical space that will be transformed into your new data center or remodeled server room is vital to the success of any turnkey project. Existing architectural drawings of your location are helpful, but for complicated applications, our consultants and subcontractors may need to visit the site so their professional views can help create an accurate plan.

2. Site Assessment. CRD examines not only at the physical boundaries of the proposed data center space, but also how the surrounding rooms and outside walls may affect the performance of our equipment. We will determine the best way to bring the required power to the data center. CRD will determine how best to remove the hot exhaust air from the critical space. We also will show you how to keep the cold air and fire suppression agent within your vital data center facility.

3. Specification of critical power/cooling equipment. CRD will calculate specific power and cooling requirements for the computing load. The spatial requirements of proposed server enclosures and network equipment will be factored into our design. Future considerations, including scalable, redundant solutions will be included where budget and physical space permit. We may include a raised access floor to help deliver the cold air to where it is needed. CRD?s experience in creating all types and sizes of data centers ensures the successful design of your project. An ongoing dialogue with you will continue as questions arise.

4. Creation of planning tools. Now is the time to create accurate drawings that will clearly illustrate our design to the contractors who will install the equipment. Demolition and floor plans, electrical/mechanical drawings, specifications and one-line drawings are all created electronically so that our design can be properly implemented.

5. Build-out of the Critical Space. Building permits will be procured when required. Data center construction can now be initiated. The build-out of the walls, floor and ceiling will begin. Equipment will be ordered, subcontractors will be selected, and schedules of work will be posted.

Computer Room Design will authorize and manage all aspects of the turnkey data center design project, including fire rated wall construction, installation of suspended ceiling tiles , raised access flooring ramp & handrails, and egress doors. We will coordinate the rigging of heavy equipment and electrical/mechanical labor. CRD will hire all contractors and subcontractors. We will create specific lists of contractor tasks to be performed. A CRD site supervisor will oversee all phases of the turnkey project. You will be kept continually up-to-date on project status via onsite conferences with our project manager, as well as via telephone and e-mail. We function as your single point of contact for the entire process. Our careful coordination from initial concept and design, to startup and commissioning, reduces delays and mistakes and improves speed to market.

All critical power and cooling equipment undergoes a rigorous factory startup inspection by a local factory-trained service engineer. CRD turnkey data center projects are completed on-time and within your budget.

CRD will design and deliver an ultra-reliable tiered system that can withstand even the greatest data center challenges. Whether Tier I or Tier IV, we provide tightly coordinated, one-stop solutions to businesses where highest availability and maximum efficiency are a requirement?not an option.

Choose Computer Room Design to be the sole source for all your data center design/build needs.