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Turnkey projects are defined as any application where a power, cooling, leak detection, life safety product or raised floor is delivered and then installed. Many of our best customers have existing data centers that do not need to be moved or expanded. Yet they require our assistance in solving data center design problems that arise. For example, they may have outgrown their existing UPS system. CRD can deliver and install a new, larger UPS; often with no downtime. Perhaps the data center has sufficient backup power, but requires additional cooling.

CRD offers a variety of air conditioning systems to supplement an existing CRAC unit. Numerous users have come to Computer Room Design because they are concerned with the possibility of a fire damaging their existing data center. Our solution would usually involve turnkey installation of a stand-alone fire suppression system. CRD can provide and install any of the products we recommend, whether it is a new UPS system with extended batteries, an in-row cooling solution, or a new 42U rack-mount enclosure.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in solving today’s data center problems, we are dedicated to providing you with the answers you need to help improve your data center.Call us with the details of your requirements at 216-221-7171 and see how we can work with your needs and budget.