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CRD can protect your data center with a complete fire suppression system. Fires can have a devastating effect on your data center system and are too common due to the lack of fire suppression and detection systems. Fire suppression systems detect fire or smoke and release a chemical agent that extinguishes the fire. The newer agents are FM200 and FE25. These replace the older Halon 1301 or CO2 systems. The new agents are safe to breathe for humans, even at 12 times the normal level of concentration.

Aside from fire suppression and detection systems, CRD Corp also offers water leak detection system to help protect your computer room design. As a top woman-owned small business, our vast wealth of knowledge and experience sets us apart from others in our industry. We strive to respond and solve your data center problems as quickly and efficiently as possible while remaining dedicated to providing you with services to fit your budget. Questions or comments? Call us today for more information at 216-221-7171 or fill out the form below for a free quote.