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The project requirements may include redesign of an existing computer room, or the potential expansion of an undersized data center to include raised access flooring. Other site considerations might require the build-out of a completely new mission critical facility. Many companies may have a specific budget allotted for the data center design project. Some customers want to understand how large of an expenditure is necessary. CRD can demonstrate how to maximize your investment in physical infrastructure facilities and equipment.

Computer Room Design will address your concerns and will organize all aspects of planning your new data center design, from budget forecasts to initial design to critical equipment startup. Professional planning will provide a blueprint of your new data center and will clearly define all of the components, equipment installation, and ongoing operational costs. Our tested and proven design/build methodology has resulted in a successful completion of thousands of turnkey projects. Our experienced cross-functional team of Data Center Solution experts will manage your vendor relationships and provide customized yet highly repeatable data center design.

CRD is dedicated to providing you with affordable data center design solutions, from leak detection to CRAC services. Don’t hesitate to call us today at 216-221-7171 and see how we can help improve your data center design